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Tips on photographing people and their pets

Aris Affairs Photography is your professional family photographer in Prescott making art out of life.Pets are members of the family! So when we think of a family photo, we don’t want to leave out our four-legged family members. Aris Affairs Photography, your family photographer in Prescott, offers tips on photographing people and their pets.

Yes, our pets are family members, but they just seem to refuse to sit still for a photo session. They turn into a blur on camera. Here are some tips on getting great pictures of people with their pets:

  • The photographer should know the pet. When taking a portrait of you with your pet, knowing your subject goes a long way.

  • What might make the pet sit still? 

  • How can you get the pet to look into the camera?

  • What unique personality traits might you be able to capture on camera?
  • Would you like to capture a mischievous moment or a more obedient image of the pet? 

If you are having a professional photographer take a portrait of your pet, talk with the photographer ahead of time to convey an understanding of the pet’s temperament and plan accordingly.

Use treats and toys. The trickiest most difficult part of animal photography may be that pets don’t understand posing instructions like other subject matter. Tasty treats and a few favorite toys can go a long way in getting pets to remain still or look in a certain direction. Even untrained pets will often turn their heads towards the smell of that special treat! And, realize that pets do not need to be perfectly still for a professional photographer to capture great photos!

Shoot from their eye level, not your own.

Pet portraits are all about the eyes. Usually, planning the shoot to get down on the animal’s eye level will create more personal pet pictures.  This will bring out the unique personality of your pet and draw out a more intimate perspective. If you shoot from your own eye level, the pet will look smaller and it will be harder to get your pet’s eyes into the shot.

Aris Affairs Photography, your family photographer in Prescott, can help you capture great photographs of people and their pets. To schedule a photo shoot with your pet, book an appointment today by calling us at 928-642-4049. 

What to wear for your family photo shoot in Prescott

Choose Aris Affairs Photography for your family photo shoot in Prescott.No matter what season it is in Prescott, if you're gathering your family together for a photo shoot, Aris Affairs Photography has some great ideas for how to dress.

Focus, excuse the pun, on one person. The patriarch? The matriarch? The new baby? Pick out the colors for one, then you can begin to match everyone else in the picture.

Did we say 'match'? We mean complement, go together, fit in. We don't mean identical! Now that the fall is here, complement each other's outfits by dressing in warm, rich, saturated greens, browns and oranges. If you're looking to complement each other's winter look, dress in varying shades of whites, beiges, grays and light blues or taupes for a striking look.

One great way to dress up neutral colors is with accessories. Belts, jewelry, pashminas, scarves, and ties can take your outfits from average to amazing. For our Prescott cowboys think Bolo ties!

There's no reason to pack a bag. One outfit that you're happy with is fine. Changing from one outfit to another is time consuming and usually not fun... especially for the men. The only exception is for infants or your littlest toddlers. Sometimes accidents happen.

Of course if your photo shoot takes place outdoors, dress for the season and dress for comfort. Dressing for a fall or winter shoot in Prescott could include stylish coats, gloves, hats and boots.

And last but not least here are a few things to avoid:

  • Trends - Nothing will date your photos faster.

  • Neon colors - They cause skin tone/color cast issues.

  • Sunglasses - People want to look into your eyes. Yes, they do.

  • Avoid stark white

  • Avoid words on your clothes - People will be reading you instead of seeing you.

  • Gym shoes - Just don't.

If these suggestions are stirring you to schedule a family photo shoot, you can book an appointment today by calling your Prescott family photographer, Aris Affairs Photography, at 928-642-4049.

Photos you should take before your kids grow up

Let Aris Affairs Photography, your professional family photographer in Prescott, capture the life events that you will cherish forever.Let Aris Affairs Photography, your professional family photographer in Prescott, capture the life events that you will cherish forever.

Our kids grow up so quickly! It is important that you enjoy them as much as you can during their younger years. Prescott family photographer, Aris Affairs Photography, suggests some of the photos you should take before your kids grow up that will forever be cherished. Here are some of the most essential moments to capture: 

  • The simple things they love. For children, everything is new and everything is adventure. Kids often find fun in even the simplest things. From blowing bubbles in the summer breeze to catching lizards, you can capture beautiful moments by snapping photos of them enjoying the fun things of a typical day.

  • Sleeping. You may not have thought about it, but you will be pleasantly surprised at the photos you can capture while your kids are sleeping. You’ll get quite a contrast with the photos you take when your children are full of energy and active.

  • When they are creating. Take photos of your kids coloring, drawing, building projects with blocks, molding clay, painting rocks, and even taking things apart – yes, that’s creative!

  • With their favorite sources of comfort. Young children often cling to a source of comfort like a teddy bear, stuffed animal or a security blanket. Capture these moments while you can – it will probably only be a span of two or three years. Taking photos of your kids with these objects that they love and cling to will preserve great memories for the future.

Enjoy your children while they are young - time flies by much too quickly. Prescott family photographer, Aris Affairs Photography, can capture those priceless images of your kids before they grow up. Let us create an heirloom photo showing all the warmth, fun and beauty of your family. Call us today at 928-642-4049 to schedule a photo shoot. 

Tips for your fall wedding in Prescott

Aris Affairs Photography can capture your Prescott wedding and create heirloom photographs of your special day.Aris Affairs Photography can capture your Prescott wedding and create heirloom photographs of your special day.

The rain and wind have stopped and the fall wedding season is right around the corner. If you're planning a fall wedding, here are some suggestions from Aris Affairs Photography to bring a brilliant and enchanting fall look to your Prescott wedding.

  • Begin by letting your guests know as soon as they see your stationery that you're inviting them to your fall wedding. The golds, rusts, forest greens and oranges of fall will leave no doubt with your guests as to the seasonal theme of your wedding.

  • If you're getting married outdoors, your guests will certainly feel the crisp cool air of fall. Make sure everyone is comfortable by having throw blankets, or luxurious cashmere pashminas to warm up in and don't forget to include hot chocolate and warm pumpkin-spiced drinks among your beverages.

  • Remember, fall isn't limited to the weather. Fall food ideas for your reception entree can include cider-braised meats, sweet potatoes and roasted fall vegetables. For dessert think bleu cheese with pears, pecans, warm apples with ice cream and of course, pumpkin pies.

  • Continue celebrating the season by decorating with gourds, maple leaf place card holders, pumpkins, fall-themed centerpieces and majestic wildflowers. Rather than rose petals, sprinkle brilliantly-colored leaves down the aisle. If your wedding is outdoors and casual have fun using hay bales for seating (covered of course).

  • Dress your attendants in autumn's rich hues with deep reds (like burgundy), browns, oranges and golds. The autumn season offers some of the most vibrant colors to choose from for your flowers, attendants' dresses, decorations and table settings.

  • Give fall-themed gifts to your attendants like beautifully-decorated cozy blankets, cashmere socks or luxurious scarves. For your guests, consider driftwood candle holders, mini apple pie-in-a-jar, or miniature bottles of pure maple syrup as fun favors.

Aris Affairs Photography, your professional wedding photographer in Prescott, would love to capture all the warmth, fun and beauty of your fall wedding. Call us today at 928-642-4049.

The importance of family portraits

Aris Affairs Photography, your local family photographer in Prescott, can create a family portrait that you will treasure forever.Aris Affairs Photography, your local Prescott family photographer, embraces the idea that professional family portraits are important to every family. There are a number of reasons we feel this way, and we think you will agree. Professional portraits are one way to create a great family experience for you!

  • The number one reason we believe you should make time for family pictures is that you really see the value of them after you have simply have forgotten to have them. When a family member moves to another area or if there is a death in the family, you think: “I wish we would have had some family portraits done!” We’ve heard numerous stories of families who look through the photos they do have and wish they had more memories in family portraits. Your parents will not be here forever. Your children will grow up. Life is short. Capture the memories now. They will become family heirlooms.
  • Creating family portraits is actually fun! Many clients have given us feedback, telling us how much they enjoyed the photo session experience. They have described it as a time during which their family has bonded. Families don’t always make enough time for fun family experiences: this can be one.
  • Family portraits will boost the self-esteem of your children! This has been proven by psychologists. It is psychologically healthy for your children to physically see your family as a cohesive unit. They then view themselves represented as a valued member of that unit. Your children grow up knowing that they belong and are loved.
  • Family portraits as wall art make your house a home. And while mass-marketed art pieces are available in many retail outlets, there are no better subjects to place over your mantel or in the dining room than your family. There is no better feeling than hanging up a beautiful picture of the people you love and value most in this world.

Aris Affairs Photography, your local Prescott family photographer, believes that professional family portraits are important for your family. To schedule a family photo shoot, call us today at 928-642-4049.

Tips for capturing a great family photo

Choose Aris Affairs Photography for your professional family portrait in PrescottIn this digital age we often have hundreds of photos on our phones, but none are the quality of a professional family portrait. If you're planning a family portrait session, then consider these simple tips for capturing great family photos from the pros at your Prescott family photographer, Aris Affairs Photography.

Consider the weather
If you're planning on an outdoor shoot, consider the weather. August in Prescott is hot and humid and also beautiful.  So plan your portrait for very early in the morning or near sunset to capture the beauty and, most importantly, to keep everyone comfortable.

Bring The Right Clothing
Dress for the scene you want to create. Are you thinking of gathering at the lake?  Or do you have another fun scene in mind? Dressing for themes including holidays can be a lot of fun. Even if you opt for a more traditional pose, make sure to have an extra change of clothes, especially for the little ones.

Prepare The Children
The time invested in preparing the kids will pay off in a great shot. Make sure they're well rested and come with full tummies. Take time between shots to let the kids have a break and run around before you ask them them to sit still again. Frequently, the best pictures of kids happen in the first 20 to 30 minutes of a shoot.

Keep Them Occupied
You want to keep the kids engaged but not too much. If they get too excited you may find it difficult to calm them down when you're ready to have your portrait taken. Bringing along a favorite toy is always a good idea. And this is one occasion where having a little treat or bribe on hand is encouraged.

Move Around
Don't make every shot the same. Switch places. Dad and mom can alternate which child they're standing next to or holding. Siblings can trade places. And don't forget the candid shots. Sometimes they are the best, most fun and most memorable.

Your local Prescott family photographer, Aris Affairs Photography, can freeze time and capture your precious family memories in pictures. To schedule a photo shoot, call us today at 928-642-4049.

Unique ideas for senior photos

Aris Affairs Photography has unique ideas for senior portraits for Prescott high school seniors.Transitioning from high school to adulthood is a huge step. It is so important to capture the memories of graduation year. Aris Affairs Photography, your local Prescott portrait photographer, suggests unique ideas for senior photos.

Now it’s time to celebrate as one chapter of life ends for your child - who is now a young adult - and a new, exciting chapter begins. Whether a bookworm, an athlete or just your all-around great person, Aris Affairs Photography has ideas to inspire your photo shoot.

Creative graduation photo ideas for girls:

  • Go to the swing set at your local playground. There is no sweeter memory for parents than remembering pushing their little girl on a swing.
  • Have her pose in front of the school with an “I’m done” sign to commemorate her graduation.
  • If she is an athlete, get a shot of a high heel on one foot and a cleat on the other.
  • If she’s been involved in several sports, lay out all her jerseys and sports equipment and get some shots of her posing with them.

Creative graduation photo ideas for guys:

  • Posing with a vintage vehicle creates great pictures - or with his own car or truck
  • Using a unique background - A stone wall is eye-catching - brick or barnwood look great, too.
  • If a letterman, getting a shot in the letterman jacket is a must - It will really pop out against one of the backgrounds previously mentioned.
  • If he’s a musician, don’t forget a shot with his instrument
  • If you live in the country or a small town, get a picture by the railroad tracks

Capturing the memories of graduation year is fun and will catch those precious moments in time forever. Aris Affairs Photography, your local Prescott portrait photographer, will help you with creative ideas for memorable senior photos. Schedule an appointment today by calling 928-642-4049.


Why you need a professional headshot

Aris Affairs Photography wants your Prescott business to capture more attention with a professional headshot.Headshots are in and Aris Affairs Photography can help your Prescott business establish that all important first impression. While Hollywood stars and glamorous models can pose all day long, most of the rest of us dread it. It's the thing nightmares are made of unless you're in the hands of a qualified professional like Aris Affairs Photography.

People want to put a face with a name. Professionals such as real estate agents and financial brokers have known this truth for a long time. Media today is far more than just lines of text. Businesses need a digital identity, a calling card. Have you seen profiles with no picture? People skim right past them. But today’s social media rich environment means that almost everyone you know is part of one social media site or another, sites like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook among the forerunners.

Is your favorite pic the selfie from your summer vacation at the beach or your last birthday bash? Those pics are great fun and may be perfect for Facebook, but the wrong photos can undermine your efforts to market yourself and your business. Most of us need a professional coach to set the right lighting, recommend appropriate attire, the right hairstyle, frame the right pose, angles and expression. We can help you convey what you want that first impression photo to say to your potential customers.

Swap those casual or dated pics for quality, current headshots from your professional photographer in Prescott, Aris Affairs Photography. Schedule an appointment for your headshot today by calling 928-642-4049

Are engagement photos really needed?

Let Aris Affairs Photography create your wedding story beginning with your engagement photo shoot in Prescott.He proposed and you said yes! Now the planning begins. One of the questions that arises is whether engagement photos are necessary. Aris Affairs Photography, your local Prescott wedding photographer, is convinced that engagement photos are extremely important for many reasons.

An engagement photo session is not just about having photographs to mark the occasion. Here is why it is much more:

  • An engagement session starts with a celebration and a romantic, special period of time in the lives of you and your partner. It is also a great time to learn about your photographer and for your photographer to learn about you as individuals and as a couple. This, in itself, is a good reason for an engagement photo session.
  • By having your photographer photograph your engagement and your wedding day, a story unfolds. A good photographer will provide consistency in this story from the engagement to the wedding day.
  • Practice makes perfect! Unless you’re a trained actor, it can be hard to suddenly be in front of a camera and feel relaxed and simply be yourself. A good photographer will have many tips and tricks to show you both how to loosen up and not just kiss. After shooting the engagement session, the couple will feel all the more comfortable on the big day.

By getting in front of the camera and having fun with your partner, your wedding experience will be more relaxed and comfortable. Your wedding photo album should be beautiful, fun, and exciting. Plus, it should tell a story from your engagement through your wedding day. Engagement photos are the beginning of your story. Make sure to get your ideas together, and call your local Prescott photographer, Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049.

Photos you cannot leave out of your wedding album

Aris Affairs Photography is your local Prescott wedding photographer, and can capture all the precious moments of your wedding day.Your wedding day is a day that flies by very quickly, and you will want to capture it all. You should discuss with your photographer the scenes that you feel cannot be missed. You want a photographer that can capture your style and desires, and be helpful in guiding you as to what photos to shoot. But don’t be shy...speak up and let your photographer know what you envision. Aris Affairs Photography, your local Prescott wedding photographer, discusses photos you definitely must have in your wedding album.

Beauty preparation
Make sure to get that photo of you being pampered and beautified on your special day. This is your day, and the focus is on you! Capture the moment of your hair styling and makeup appointment. It will be a memory you enjoy long after your wedding day is over.

The wedding dress
One of the best pictures in your album can be of the flower girl admiring the beauty of the dress. It so wonderfully captures that little girl who dreams of her own wedding day - and the little girl in all of us. Just taking a photo of a hanging wedding dress is not nearly as impactful as capturing an admirer of the dress.

Your wedding photo album should not only be beautiful and maybe even whimsical, but it should tell a story of your special day unique to your style. Make sure to get your ideas together, then call your local Prescott wedding photographer, Aris Affairs Photography, to schedule your appointment. Contact us today at 928-642-4049

How your engagement announcement can express your flair

Fore engagement and wedding photography, contact Aris Affairs in Prescott.Engagement photos have become increasingly popular in recent years. Aris Affairs Photography can provide you with the opportunity to make a big splash with your engagement announcement!

Engagement announcement photos give a couple the chance to announce their proposal to their family and friends with their own unique style. Aris Affairs Photography will:

  • Offer creative ideas: We’ll inspire you as we work together building a photo shoot plan the will express your uniqueness.
  • Work with you on choosing a location for the photo shoot. Location is important. Perhaps you want an outdoor photo, in one of your favorite places; or maybe in a home, or at our studio.
  • Help you with ideas for attire for every season, whether your style is formal or casual. We will talk with you and help you with ideas as to what you may want to wear. We will have many suggestions based on the types of photos you would like
  • Provide a variety of backdrops for your special announcement.
  • Help you with ideas for posing.
  • Create great effects by using special filters.
  • Produce photos that genuinely express who you are as a loving couple.
  • Talk with you about items you may want to include in your photo shoot, such as a pet.
  • Discuss every possible option with you before you jump in front of a lens!

Aris Affairs Photography will help you to announce your Prescott wedding proposal to your family and friends with your own unique style. Call us to share your wonderful news at 928-642-4049.

How to best capture your maternity beauty

Trust Aris Affairs Photography, your local Prescott family photographer, to capture your maternity beautyThe best time to capture yourself in a professional photo is when you are at your very best. Guess what - no matter how you feel, pregnancy is that time when you have the most natural feminine beauty, and it is a special time of huge expectation. Let Aris Affairs Photography help you to capture your pregnancy with tips that will help bring out your beauty in the best possible way for your Prescott maternity photo shoot.

Just because someone owns a professional level camera and has some weddings under their belt, does not mean they know how to make an expectant mother look her best on film. Make sure to choose a photographer like Aris Affairs Photography that actually specializes in maternity photos, as they will be familiar with the right lighting, angles, and posing. And, there are so many “right” ways to capture your pregnancy, so study the styles and make sure that is what you are after.

It is worth the few dollars to schedule a professional hair and make-up session. Remember natural beauty is what you are after.

Discuss with your photographer what to wear. She will have many suggestions based on the types of photos you will be taking. Perhaps you want a couple of looks. Most maternity photographers may even have dresses in their “prop” collection that will suit your style, so before going out and making an expensive purchase, discuss this with your photographer.

Twenty-six to thirty-two weeks along is the best time to plan your photos. You want your belly to be full, but posing is still an option. Obviously, each mamma is diffent, so just judge where you are, you will know.

Location is important. Do you want an outdoor springy photo? Weather is important and time of day, as you will want the lighting to be just right. Or, do you want a soft hue in the comfort of your home? If you are going to do the shoot at home, it may make sense to invite your photographer over for suggestions prior to the shoot. Of course, the studio is an easily controllable environment, too.

We probably do not have to suggest this, but get familiar with maternity poses that fit you and your personality. Our job as the photographer will be to capture that special bond, but it will help if you have some favorite poses that you have seen.

If you are coming up on that window of time when your maternity photos will be the very best, contact Aris Affairs Photography, your local maternity photographer in Prescott, and let us help you capture this special time in the most beautiful way possible. To schedule an appointment please give us a call at 928-642-4049.

Prepare now for your holiday cards

Aris Affairs Photography family holiday card photo in PrescottHave you noticed that Christmas cards have turned into family portraits with a small seasonal greeting? Good or bad, this is the new trend. Yes, it is June, but now is the time to start considering those family photos. With social media, most of us have a way to watch our friends and relatives grow in their lives, but there is something about that photo during the holidays that we look forward to seeing. Aris Affairs Photography, your professional family photographer in Prescott, can help you get that amazing family photo to make your holiday cards sizzle.

The question of the day: Is your holiday card going to make a splash or will it be easily forgotten? Doing the photoshoot yourself can be a daunting task - to gather the pets and kids for a Kodak moment. Does it really do your family justice to make that photo the one your distant relatives and friends look forward to seeing? To help save you from some of the “do-it-yourself” pitfalls, here are some basic tips:

1. Just one is enough. Have you heard the saying, “less is more”? I know it is hard to pick which is the best, but one large picture is much better than a small picture surrounded by many thumbnails.
2. Your family, not your vacation. Remember, you are sending a card to your friends and relatives. They would much rather see your faces than your vacation. Don’t let the Grand Canyon or the ocean become the focus of the photo - they want to see you and your beautiful family.
3. No strangers, please. Please, no random people. This will make your friends and family believe your family has grown.
4. The greeting is the central theme, right? Is the card about you and yours or is it intended to wish your family a wonderful, blessed holiday season? Remember to make the greeting stand out, rather than tiny print that comes across as an afterthought to the showcase of you and yours.
5. Quality. Please spend the extra few bucks on quality paper. It makes all the difference in the world.
6. Be timely. Life is busy, but be on time for the holiday. Maybe sending a New Year’s card is what you would like to do….just be on time.

Don’t let the holiday season creep up on you. If you would like to share your family with others, now is the time for a family portrait. Aris Affairs Photography, your local family photographer in Prescott, can help make those holiday cards the perfect balance of showing off your family, while still being thoughtful. To schedule an appointment, either at our studio or while you’re out on an adventure, please give us a call at 928-642-4049. 

Some great summer color themes for your Summer Wedding!

For wedding photography, call Aris Affairs in Prescortt.Wedding photos are a specialty of Aris Affairs Photography. And there’s no season more perfect for a wedding than summer. But with so many things to plan for your Prescott wedding, sometimes it’s hard to get started. We’d like to recommend that you start by choosing your wedding colors. Here are a few summer color themes to help you begin.

Citrus -  Tangerine, Orange, & Yellow
What’s more like summer than fresh, juicy citrus? Dress up your “I do’s” in tart and tangy shades, including tangerine, orange and yellow. Since orange may not be the most flattering color on some people, lean on sunny yellow for your attendants. Choose a simple breezy style to add some fun and playfulness to your day.

Sky - Pale Blue & Yellow
For the perfect summer wedding color scheme, look to the sky. Sunny yellow and sky blue make the perfect pair for your affair. Try a buttery yellow for your bridesmaids to really brighten up the cheery ambiance of the day. Consider a bouquet of roses, hydrangeas and other yellow and pale blue buds.

Peachy - Sage, Peach, & Gold
For an outdoor wedding, find inspiration in the blooming trees dangling their fresh seasonal fruits. Blend light, leafy sage with dainty peach for a natural feel, with pops of gold for added glamour.

American Spirit: White, Navy, Dusty Blue, & Deep Red
Why not let your own patriotic nature be your wedding theme? The trick to doing it tastefully without going full-blown Uncle Sam is to mute it slightly with a mostly white and navy palette accented by subtle hints of lighter dusty blue and deep red. Outfit your bridesmaids in navy.

Island Time: Fuchsia, Aqua, & Sand
Bring a seaside feel to your special day with tropical bright shades like bold fuchsia and ocean aqua against a sand-colored backdrop. Opt for a relaxed knee-length style with tons of movement in azalea, a shocking pink shade that’s flattering on most and easy to wear again.

There’s no time like summer for a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of color, so embrace one of these bold, bright color schemes for your warm weather vows! Once you’ve chosen your color theme, you will want to make sure you have a great photographer for your special day. I love to be behind my lens, like a fly on a wall, and snap every wonderful moment possible. I shoot so much at a wedding that when I am editing sometimes it seems like frames from a movie. It is amazing to see how things can change in a second. At Aris Affairs Photography, your wedding photography specialist in Prescott, we can make memories of your special day that will last a lifetime. For more information, please give us a call at 928-642-4049.

Bucket List for Baby Photos

For quality family photography in Prescott, contact Aris Affairs PhotographySummer is coming and it’s your first summer with a little one. Your local family photographer in Prescott, Aris Affairs Photography, knows how important it is to capture baby’s first year. Here are some memories you can make with your baby. You’ll want to preserve these moments with photos to treasure for a lifetime.

Get Messy - She’s never squished sand between her hands before, she’s never made a mud pie and she’s never splashed to her heart’s content at a water table. Each adventure can create its own mess, but that will be overshadowed by the amount of fun it creates.

Blow Bubbles - Why not spend an afternoon daydreaming and watching bubbles float on the breezes. This is a super-cheap way to mesmerize your little one, and a great way to spend time together.

Dig In - Pick up a shovel and a bucket and let your kiddo work on his eye-hand coordination. He can dig in the sand at the beach, scoop up some water, or shovel at the playground. Afterward, stroll by a local construction site for a little free, baby-friendly entertainment show put on by backhoes and cranes.

Water Baby - Pool, ocean, or bathtub: anyplace you can let your little one relax and splash, do it. Summer is the perfect time for baby’s first swim and to sign up for a mommy-and-me swim class. Not only is it a fun activity, but it will help keep your baby more safe around water for the rest of his life.

Talk with Animals - Visit some wildlife: at a big zoo, a local petting zoo or even the neighborhood dog park. You just might meet your baby’s new best friend. And little ones are fascinated by the sounds the different animals make.

Bottom line, this is a special time for you and your baby. Make the most of it and be a part of it. You might also want to capture your little one at this stage in their life with a mini photoshoot from your local Prescott family photographer, Aris Affairs Photography. Time passes too quickly for most of us, so as your baby grows, take time to capture this precious stage of life. To schedule an appointment, either at our studio or while you’re out on an adventure, please give us a call at 928-642-4049.

Consider a Family Photo in Western Wear During Prescott Frontier Days

Let Aris Affairs Photography create a memorable Western wear family photo in PrescottJuly is just around the corner, and in Prescott that means it’s rodeo time. During Prescott Frontier Days everyone brings out their western wear and dresses like a cowboy for a week or so. If you were raised in the Southwest, chances are good that there is a photo of you as a child dressed in western wear at 5 - 8 years old. Normally this includes a cowboy hat, boots, a vest, jeans or a fringed skirt and maybe even a toy six-shooter. In some of these photos, you’re actually sitting on a pony. Aris Affairs Photography would like to suggest that a family photo session with everyone in their western gear can make a memory for life.

  • Western wear is classic - it’s been around for nearly 200 years. It remains a favorite of children and octogenarians alike, and especially during Prescott Frontier Days. You can see it everywhere. Western wear is a style of dressing rooted in the 19th Century American west. Within the genre are whispers of Spanish conquistadors, American Indians, gold miners, cowboys, and even the hillbillies of the deep south.
  • One of the fun things about Western wear is its longevity; it’s all classic, all the time. A fringed suede skirt never goes out of style. Turquoise jewelry or a silver belt buckle can become heirlooms. Cowboy boots can be anything from plain work boots to finely tooled dress boots, but they are all designed to last.
  • And then there’s the cowboy hat that seems to define “western wear” in the minds of many people. It can be a “fine” beaver pelt or a simple straw hat. Either way, when you pair it with a pair of blue jeans you become a part of western tradition and a western “attitude”.

Why not take the opportunity to make a special, unique family memory while you’re all decked out in your western wear this summer and enjoying the rodeo in Prescott. Call Aris Affairs Photography to schedule your mini family shoot at 928-642-4049.

Flattering Poses for Photo Shoots

Aris Affairs Photography can choose the right pose for your photo shoot in PrescottLike most things in life, not all poses are created equal in the work of photography - one size definitely does not fit all. The reason is that most adults don’t have their pictures taken on a regular basis and they feel awkward in front of the camera. Trisha Shaffer at Aris Affairs Photography, your professional photographer in Prescott, says: “I love to work with my clients to find a pose that works for them.” There are a number of things to keep in mind:

Camera Angle - This can make a huge difference in the photo you capture. One of my goals is to always make sure the subject is shown through my lens in a flattering manner ~ even if that means balancing on a stool and ducking under my lighting shade or crawling on the floor with infants!

Play - Once I’ve found a flattering camera angle we can then play with some motion to find the best location for hair, arms, hands, etc. I always try to remember that any limbs facing straight into the camera will appear shortened, which is not the look we want.

Relax - This is needed for both the photographer and the subject. In order to get a natural looking photograph, communication between the photographer and the subject is important. As a professional photographer I often find that I can reassure my subjects and get them to relax through positive comments and gentle hints. A natural pose also helps keep the subject at ease.

Background - As a professional photographer I also know that having the proper background for a photograph is very important and sets a mood. Having a variety of backgrounds to use allows the client to help create the feel he/she wants in their photos.

Quick and Easy - Since most people aren’t comfortable being photographed, by having the proper equipment like lights, backgrounds and cameras ready to go, I can take a number of pictures in a short period of time making the session much easier for my subjects. By taking a large number of pictures quickly, it normally gives us a wide variety of facial expressions to choose from - and it only has to be perfect for 1/1000th of a second!!

Let us choose the right pose for you and turn your life and photos into art. For all of your professional photography needs in Prescott, from business headshots, to weddings, engagement or newborns, contact Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049.

The importance of the background for your summer photos

Aris Affairs Photography importance background in PrescottPhotographers often spend a great deal of time with hair, makeup, wardrobe, and props but very little time choosing the right background for the photos. Aris Affairs Photography believes that background can make or break the photos, and Prescott has a wide array of backgrounds to choose from. Let Aris Affairs Photography help you learn the importance of the background for your summer photos in Prescott.

This article is going to focus mainly on outdoor photos, but you can apply the same rules to indoor photoshoots. And, let’s face it, Prescott has some of the best outdoor backgrounds one could choose from.

Too much! Sometimes less is more….

In many cases, less is more. This is so very true with photo backgrounds. You never want your background to draw more attention than the person/subject of the photo. The background needs to make the subject stand out even more. For example, if you want your background to be downtown Prescott, make sure not to pick a busy background. Maybe an old brick wall with an iron railing will be just enough.

The background needs to speak the same language...

Make sure the background conveys the exact message you are looking to portray. Sometimes the background can have a completely different message. Just be aware of this trap.

We point this out so that, when choosing a background, you can be aware that there can be moving parts and conflicting messages in your background. Choose your background wisely. If you need help coming up with just the right background for your Prescott photoshoot, trust your summer photos to an experienced, professional photographer. Call Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049.

Tips For Taking Pictures of Kids

Aris Affairs Photography offers tips for taking pictures of kids in PrescottNatural looking pictures of kids always bring smiles and memories. But often those pictures we want to take to capture a moment just don’t turn out the way we want them. Aris Affairs Photography, your professional family photographer in Prescott, would like to offer a few tips for taking pictures of kids.

Timing - As the old adage goes, “Timing is Everything”. Deciding to take pictures of kids during their normal nap time will be nothing but frustrating. Or if a child is not feeling well, your chances are slim of getting the picture you want. Plan pictures for the time that is best for your child.

Have fun - Kids are not comfortable sitting still - so get down to their level and make the photo time fun! Kids are much more likely to smile when they’re having a good time.

Remove distractions - Maybe it’s an older sibling, the dog or cat, or the dirty socks on the floor. You’ll also want to make sure that there aren’t distracting objects in your picture--like a picture frame right behind the child’s head. Make sure things distracting to you AND the children are removed from the area.

Dress up - Kids love to play dress up so why not use that an excuse to get some great pictures? Somehow dressing up can really bring out the ham in your child! And while you’re at it, why not get involved with the fun yourself - maybe plop on that old rainbow wig or funky hat?

Motion - The animation of a child is part of the wonder. Make sure your camera has the ability to capture the split second image you are looking for and have it set up properly so you don’t miss the moment!

Position - Make sure you understand how light affects your pictures. To bring out the sparkle in their eyes you will want to make sure you use the light properly and you are also aware of shadows.

Although these tips will help you capture better pictures of your family, the experience of a professional photographer is one thing that most people don’t have. A professional photographer understands how to work with kids to get them to relax, have fun and show their spirit. They also have the proper equipment to stop action and they know how to use the camera settings to get exceptional pictures, even when the kids are running at full tilt.

To capture those special moments with the kids, and for professional family photography in the Prescott area, please contact Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Freeze this moment in time with a pet photo shoot

Aris Affairs Photography freeze the moment with pet photo shootWe love taking snapshots of our furry family members. Have you thought about professionally capturing moments that will last forever? Whether it is a puppy time that you are trying to capture or maybe your furry friend is getting up in age, now is the time. Either way, Aris Affairs Photography can help you freeze the moment with a pet photo shoot in Prescott.

Here are some the reasons that you will want to consider about saving the moment of your pet with professional pet photography:

Animal lifespans are short

Your pet will enter your life and only be here for a short time, unfortunately. It is the day we all dread when we have to say goodbye to our lovable furry friends. Whether it is puppy time or old age that you are trying to capture, just remember the time passes so fast, and a unique, artistic photo memory will always be with you.

Your pet is part of your family

Just like you love to adorn your walls of unique and fun photos of your family, imagine adding some fun whimsical works of art of your pet. With professional lighting and the ability to capture many frames, we can make your pet a work of art to add to your family wall. 

Memories must be framed

Memories of your pet are priceless. Having all of your memories of Fido stuck in cyberspace may be convenient, but imagine just having a select few that you can always cherish. Just like we do at important events in life, we can also capture our pets the same way. Those nostalgic frozen moments will always be with you.

If you need help in coming up with ways to capture and freeze professional photographs of your pet in Prescott, look no further than Aris Affairs Photography. We will arrange a photo shoot that captures the personality of your pet and you will be proud to display for the years to come. Call us today at 928-642-4049.

Hire a professional photographer for your family reunion

Aris Affairs Photography suggests hiring a professional photographer for your Prescott family reunionSummer is almost here...time to plan your family reunion picnic, barbeque or other group activity. You’ve got the family all together and you’ll want to capture those memories in pictures. Aris Affairs Photography tells why you should trust only a professional photographer for your family reunion in Prescott.

Family Members: If photos are being taken by a member of the family, that person won’t be in the photos. A professional photographer will ensure that all family members are included in the pictures, giving you more time to enjoy your family.

Objectivity: As an outsider, the photographer has the advantage of being on the outside looking in. A professional photographer is there to notice details and capture those interactions between cousins or grandparents that may only last a moment, or that otherwise might be missed.

Equipment: A professional photographer has the right camera equipment to capture your memories clearly. You wouldn’t want to trust a cell phone selfie when you don’t know when those family members will be together again. Professionals can edit photos, and understand how to use lighting in both candid and posed family reunion photos. The professional photographer can make digital photos available online and make prints available for purchase as well.

Hiring a professional photographer will give everyone the opportunity to visit and enjoy their family reunion-and have quality photos afterwards. If you’re already planning your family reunion in Prescott, contact Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049 to schedule your event and capture those cherished memories.

Why you should have your next family photoshoot outside

Let Aris Affairs Photography handle your next Prescott area family photoshoot outsideWhether natural or artificial light, a skilled photographer can use any lighting condition to his or her advantage. A professional can produce beautiful photos no matter what lighting they use. However, most photographers will prefer a naturally lit scene if the option is available. Aris Affairs Photography explains the many benefits and advantages of using natural light for your next family photoshoot in Prescott.

Natural lighting is free - Even on cloudy days, natural light is always ready and available. There’s no need to spend time setting up costly lighting equipment.

Natural light is everywhere - Anywhere you go there is some form of natural light, so photographers don’t have to be confined to a studio.

Natural light is constant - Natural light doesn’t have to be adjusted. Depending on the desired outcome, cloudy days and even sunsets can create many different atmospheres.

Natural light creates an airy quality - Even if your photo session is indoors, natural light can provide dreamy and romantic effects. These effects are much more difficult to achieve with artificial lighting.

You will prefer natural light - Wedding photos are usually taken outside because natural light will emphasize colors and skin tones beautifully, especially in the final hours of daylight.

If you’re looking for a great family portrait session in Prescott, let Aris Affairs Photography show you the beauty and power of naturally lit photos. For more information on our photography services call us at 928-642-4049

Family Portraits as Special Gifts For Mother’s Day

Aris Affairs Photography can provide that special Mother's Day gift of a Family Portrait in PrescottAs a photographer, and a mother, it’s a special privilege for me to help you find that special gift for Mom or Grandma. Maybe this year the perfect gift would be a family portrait in Prescott that will bring joy and fond memories for years to come. Here are a few ideas Aris Affairs Photography would like to offer as unique settings for Mother’s Day photo gifts.

Play dress up - Do you have a little one who likes to dress up? Why not have them dress up using their mother’s or grandmother’s clothing? Vintage clothing can really spark the imagination of young ones.

Dress Up - As kids get older, it might be time for them to dress up and show Mom or Grandma how good they can look in something other than jeans and T shirts.

Recreate - Is there a favorite family photo from days gone by that can be recreated by the current generation? If so, let’s make it happen.

Multi-generational - Maybe Grandma and Grandpa are getting up in years. Is this the year to capture all four generations in a group portrait as a special treat for Mother’s Day?

Being a mother is a special blessing and being able to capture and save the moments in a family’s life is something a family will always cherish. Think about going through your old picture box and the emotions and memories that you experience when you see baby pictures or family pictures. In today’s society we are so busy snapping selfies and digital pictures which seem to go by the wayside when we update our phones. Why not slow down and get a professional family portrait to capture today?

If you’re a mother reading this or someone wanting to give a special mother or grandmother in their life one of the greatest gifts, don’t hesitate to book your family session now. Aris Affairs Photography will help you create some images for everyone to cherish for years to come and turn life into art. To set up your photo shoot at our Prescott studio, or another location of your choice, just give us a call at 928-642-4049.

Leave Your Cell Phone at Home When Attending Weddings

For professional wedding photography contact Aris Affairs in Prescott ArizonaThe next time you are invited to a wedding, remember that you are a guest, invited by the bride and groom. Have you ever thought about the responsibilities of being a guest? What about all those cell phone snapshots people always take at a wedding, thinking they are helping the bride and groom capture the moment. Aris Affairs Photography would like share some thoughts for the next time you attend a Prescott wedding.

The bride and groom have probably hired a professional photographer to capture the moments of the wedding. They have invested in the photographer so that their guests don’t miss important parts of the wedding, like the first kiss, the antics of the flower girl, cake cutting, etc. They want their guests to share all the moments of the day with them, not be on the lookout for a snapshot.

And if you can’t resist taking those snapshots, have you ever considered that you may be ruining the picture the bride and groom hope to capture. While they are walking down the aisle, they really don’t want to see a dozen cell phones. When the photographer is trying to get the picture of the ring bearer and the flower girl, they really don’t want everyone trying to capture the shot and distracting the young ones.

And everyone thinks it’s great to share the wedding snapshots on social media, when in fact, that privilege should actually belong to the bride and groom. They have invested in their day and it should be up to them to share it.

While many brides and grooms fall short of asking their guests to leave their digital devices in the car, as a guest of the bride and groom why not show them your appreciation for being invited. Let the photographer take the pictures and just enjoy celebrating the day with the them. It’s actually more fun to attend the wedding in reality than on a 5-inch screen. So let the professionals do their job, and you do yours - enjoy the day live!

At Aris Affairs Photography we understand how important it is to the bride and groom to capture their perfect day. A professional photographer is skilled at preserving the moments of the day, without intruding on the festivities. If you are planning a Prescott wedding, consider requesting that your guests unplug for the day. If you are looking for someone who can turn life into art, please give us a call at Aris Affairs Photography, 928-642-4049.

Mommy and Me photoshoots are perfect for Mother’s Day

Call on Aris Affairs Photography to create a special Mother's Day photo in PrescottMother’s Day is coming, what a great time to have that special photo shoot with your little one(s) and create a special Mommy and me session. A Mommy and Me session can be so incredibly timeless and meaningful, and now is that time since Mother’s day is fast approaching. Not to mention, the weather is perfect for a Prescott photoshoot! Aris Affairs Photography would love to be your photographer to capture these magical moments.

WHY? Have you noticed that most of those snapshots of the kids are finding themselves on Instagram or Facebook? Perhaps, it is a great time to capture this special time in professional photos that you can look at now and the years to come.

Or, maybe you, Mommy, are always the one behind the camera taking those photos. Isn’t it time to make it a magical, whimsical occasion, and get those moments captured with you and the little one(s)?

WHERE? Where to shoot is so important. Do you want an outdoor theme or a whimsical, playful theme? Now is definitely the time to be creative, as Mommy and Me photo shoots can be the most creative in a photographer’s portfolio.

WHEN? Make sure that your child will not be approaching naptime or eating time, as you want your child or baby to be the most cooperative and happy as possible. Make sure to discuss this with your photographer.

WHAT to wear? This is the time to think outside of the box and be as creative and whimsical as possible. Make sure to reach out to Aris Affairs Photography to get some ideas on how to make this as creative and memorable at the same time.

WHAT to bring? Make sure to bring some snacks, just to avoid those growling tummies.

You may also want to bring some toys or that favorite stuffed animal to keep the little one(s) from getting too bored.

Most of all, bring yourselves with an excited and joyful attitude, as photo shoots will bring out the best of you and your little ones.

Don’t let these precious moments get past you without capturing them. A Mommy and Me photo shoot would be the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s day this year. Let Aris Affairs Photography, your family friendly photographer in Prescott, brainstorm with you to create the most special memories. Call us at 928-642-4049 to schedule your appointment.

Is a Spring Wedding inYour Future? Here are Several Reasons the I Dos Should be Done in Spring

Aris Affairs Photography, your Prescott area wedding photographer, captures your spring wedding in timeless photosAris Affairs Photography, your Prescott area wedding photographer, captures your spring wedding in timeless photosSpring is that time of the year when flowers are in bloom, the weather is perfectly amazing and new beginnings are in the air. Let Aris Affairs Photography, your local wedding photographer in Prescott, help you capture your dreamy spring wedding.

If you were wondering if Spring is a good season to begin your life with your new partner, here are some great reasons to say I Do in Spring:

  1. The pastel colors that are so very popular, like Light Sky Blue or Blush will fit perfectly in those Spring photos.
  2. Springtime is a great season for new beginnings, so what better time to start your life together?
  3. How about that perfect weather? No sweaty makeup or freezing bridal party—need I say more?
  4. The signature cocktail can be light and fruity!
  5. The flowers will be in new bloom. Who doesn’t want fresh blooming flowers at your ceremony?
  6. Greenery and moss are also very popular at this time of the year.
  7. Those New Year’s Resolutions will be showing up in that new body of yours.
  8. An outdoor wedding is now a possibility!
  9. Have you thought about that fresh spring produce as part of your décor?
  10. After your I Dos, you can fly off in a convertible. Wouldn’t that make an amazing photo?
  11. There is no better place to say the I Do’s than in a garden setting. Spring is perfect for that!
  12. No conflicts for your guests and bridal party, as the holidays have passed and the summer vacations are still in the future.
  13. Fresh beautiful flowers....I think I said that, but it deserves repeating.

If you are planning that spring wedding or trying to decide the perfect date to say I Do, Let Aris Affairs Photography, your Prescott Wedding Photographer, help you to plan those perfect moments. For that Spring Wedding consultation, contact Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049 to make an appointment.

What to Wear to a Corporate Headshot

It’s been said that clothes make the man, and research shows that to be true. What we wear affects how others perceive us, and even how we perceive ourselves. Aris Affairs Photography suggests what to wear for a corporate headshots in Prescott.

Men in Suits: When choosing a suit for your professional headshot, pick one that fits you well and doesn’t bunch up when you button it or sit down. Choose a classic dark color like navy blue or gray, and a shirt and tie that match well with each other and the suit.

Men’s Shirts: Avoid bold patterns or colors as they are distracting. Herringbone patterns and tight grids can distort the photographic image. If you’re not wearing a tie, choose a non-white shirt for best results. Button-down shirts look better under a jacket or sweater. Darker shirts should have some detail so it doesn’t appear as a head floating on a boxy shirt. If you unbutton a button or two, be sure no undershirt shows.

Neckties: The shade of your tie should fall between the color of the suit and the shirt: a light shirt, dark suit, and tie color somewhere between the two. The tie should not be too reflective or shiny.

Women in Suits: Choose a classic look or business-oriented outfit that doesn’t reveal what decade it’s from in your photo. Avoid bold, distracting patterns and colors, the exception being where a small part of the pattern shows beneath a blazer or sweater to give a pop of color. Professional headshots look better without bare arms, however, if you choose a sleeveless blouse or dress, take a blazer or sweater along to give yourself more options.

Colors and Collars: Patterns such as herringbone or tight grids cause camera distortion and should be avoided. Thin stripes are acceptable. Stark white should only be worn under a jacket or cardigan, and v-necks generally look best. Don’t choose a neckline that is too high or too low; turtlenecks tend to make people look like they have no neck, and no cleavage should show.

Jewelry: Keep it small, classic and not too flashy or reflective. Earrings should dangle one inch or less from your earlobe.

Now that you’re ready for your headshot, we look forward to helping you establish the professional image you’ve been looking for. For professional headshots in the Prescott area, contact Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049 to make an appointment.

Avoid Headshot Disasters

For any of your business photographic needs, contact Aris Affairs in Prescott.A business headshot is a critical component in today’s media world. Remember the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well that’s true of your business persona. Aris Affairs Photography would like remind you that a snapshot from an iPhone is not the quality you need for your business headshot. So let’s talk about getting business headshots.

A headshot is a component of your business branding and your headshot should reflect the personality of your and your business. Work with the photographer to make sure the background and setting project the message you want your potential customers to have about you as a businessman.

Keeping it simple is also a great idea.  Faddish style clothing can make your picture seem dated before the ink is dry on your new business cards! You may want to stay with solid colors and minimal accessories, since your face should be the star of the headshot.

Choosing the right photographer is a critical part of your headshots. Your buddy’s wife who just bought a camera at Costco is probably not your best bet. It may not cost as much as a professional, but the results will also be less. A professional photographer has a studio, experience, proper lighting and talent to make you look your best. They also have the proper lenses for taking headshots, not a “one size fits all” lens that may or may not make your headshot flattering.

Don’t let price be your only consideration. Make sure you have the right person to do your headshots. Make it an investment in you and your business and chose a professional photographer who can help you with poses and provide you with a quality product.

For professional headshots in the Prescott area, contact Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049 to make an appointment for your new headshots. We look forward to helping you establish the professional image you’ve been looking for.

Have Some Fun With An Easter Mini Shoot

Easter is just around the corner. Aris Affairs Photography invites Prescott residents to book an Easter mini-shoot now. Don’t let another year slip away without photographs to remember them by.

Here are some ideas that might catch your fancy for your mini session.

  • Newborns - We have some adorable crocheted Easter caps to showcase your newborn. If you have an infant less than 60 days old, think of the memory you can make with pictures of your child’s first Easter.
  • Family - Does everyone have a new outfit for Easter? Maybe it would be a great time to get everyone dressed up in their Easter best and take some family pictures - after all, how often does everyone get dressed up anymore?
  • Other Ideas - Not sure what kind of mini photo shoot you want? We have lots of great props to help capture the moment in a number of great ways, from Easter baskets to bunny ears! Or maybe you prefer an outdoor setting ~ weather permitting, we can do that as well.

How do you want to remember these fleeting moments? It’s hard to remember them when they are kept on a disk.  Please let us help you keep these treasured moments close by creating collections, books and wall art for you to see, touch and enjoy for years to come.

At Aris Affairs Photography, your local family and special occasion photography company in Prescott, we create art out of life! We will help you capture those special times (and with a family) every day is special with the ones you love! There’s no better time than Easter to start a new tradition of family photos. Schedule a mini shoot and let’s create some great memories with you and your family. To schedule your appointment, just give us a call at 928-642-4049.

What to wear for your Spring Photo Shoot

Great tips for a Prescott Spring Photo Shoot by Aris Affair Photography StudioSpring is almost here, which is our favorite time, everything is awash in new beginnings. Beautiful colors are emerging all around us, trees are becoming green again, all those local Prescott flowers are blooming make for a perfect photo backdrop opportunity. Whether you use baby bunnies, chicks, lambs or just your beautiful family, the biggest decision is what to wear for your Prescott area spring photo shoot.

 At Aris Affairs Photography, we try and keep up on the latest trends in fashion, however we never forget the simple past outfits that have worked for years. No one needs to go out and spend a small fortune for a one time photo shoot, we understand that and are here to help. So here are some tips from Aris Affairs to you on what to wear for your spring photo shoot.

  • Where in your house are you going to place your picture: You want your picture to complement the room that you place it in. Take into consideration the colors of the room and lighting, if need be take some pictures of your room and show our photographer.
  • Choose a few complementary colors that you like: This is your picture, choose your favorite colors that complement each other that you would love to see your family in.
  • You don’t all have to match: Everyone wearing matching clothes is nice, however your picture will look great either way. Choose clothes each person looks great in and go with it.
  • Think about your location of the photo shoot: If you're going to have an outdoors photo shoot, you might want to think about matching what you wear to your environment. No matter what you choose, Aris Affairs will be there to assist you at all times.

It's Spring photo season in Prescott and at Aris Affairs Photography we want you and your family to enjoy your time during your photo shoot process. We hope these few tips will help you out in answering some questions that you might have deciding about your Springtime photo shoot. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for your Springtime photo shoot, please call anytime 928-642-4049.

Why you shouldn't choose the cheapest wedding photographer for your wedding

For the best wedding and engagement photography, cotact Aris Affairs in PrescottSo your sister got married last year and they had a family member take their pictures because he only charged them $200. Unfortunately, there wasn’t  a single picture of the wedding that doesn’t look like just a snapshot. She can’t even look at even one of the most special days in her life without regret of not having captured it with professional photography. Aris Affairs Photography, your professional wedding photographer in Prescott, understands that your wedding day is a once in a lifetime affair and you want everything to be perfect, including your photographs.

One of the biggest mistake a bride can make is not doing their research when looking for the right wedding photographer. So many brides try to save a few dollars by hiring friends, or family to take their wedding photos. Many brides have tried it and been disappointed. Think of a professional wedding photography as an investment in your future joy. The cost to have a professional wedding photographer is really one of your lesser expenses (it will cost a lot less than the food you serve at your wedding), but it will pay off in great dividends, as you enjoy the memories for the rest of your life.

Professional photographers pride themselves on their equipment and generally they have the most reliable gear available and they are familiar with their equipment. Hobbyist or weekend photographers who dabble in wedding photography on the side can’t justify the cost of professional equipment, reliable backup, and proper business insurance. And then consider experience – take enough photos and anyone can show you a few good images, but can they do that day in and day out? Do they have the experience to deliver high quality images on a consistent basis? Probably not, or else – they would be running a real business. And one last point, when you hire a Professional Photographer, they are indeed putting their reputation and their livelihood on the line. You have trust, you have references, and you have a proven track record.

With wedding photography in Prescott and elsewhere, you generally get what you pay for. The less you spend, the more disappointment you risk. A friend or family member who happens to be a photography hobbyist will have much different results than a dedicated wedding professional. Ask yourself: ‘Am I willing to look at my wedding photos for the rest of my life and feel let down?’ Let Aris Affairs make your wedding pictures something you will cherish for a lifetime. We love turning Life into Art. Just call us at 928-642-4049 and let’s discuss how to take the worry out of your wedding photography.

Have Some Fun with a Mommy and Me Session

Schedule your Mommy & Me Photo Shoot Now with Aris Affairs Photography in Prescott.Moms, are you looking for something special to give your husband for Valentine’s Day? Aris Affairs Photography in Prescott suggests a Mommy & Me photo shoot. What better way for you and the kids to tell Dad that you love him than with a unique image of his family?

Our mission is to create and capture moments in time and we all know how fast the kids grow up. In many families, Mom is the one behind the camera trying to capture pictures of the family. Why not do a photo shoot that celebrates Mom!

Here are just a few ideas for Mommy & Me sessions:

Just a Mom - Capture part of your day as a mom - No need to dress up, just be you. It’s OK if your hair is up in a ponytail. Let’s capture the fun of being a mom with your kids which Dad may miss since he’s a work during the day.

Best Activity - What do like doing most with your kids? Let’s capture that to share with Dad. Maybe it’s sitting together and reading a story. Or maybe there’s a sport that you all enjoy that can be used as the theme for your photos.

Outdoor - Mommy and Me sessions are often some of the most creative - Turn an empty field into a golden, glittering backdrop, or turn a rose bush into a secret garden! You’re the artist, and this is your chance to let your creativity shine.

After you’ve decided on the theme and location, there are still a few things to keep in mind in order to keep the fun in the shoot. Make sure you schedule it at a time where the kids are at their best ~ during normal nap times is not a good idea. You may also want to bring some snacks along, just in case! And always remember to have some fun with your kids and your photographer and let the real you shine!

These moments don’t last forever. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch them while you can! Call to schedule your Mommy & Me session with Aris Affairs Photography in Prescott at 928-642-4049. Think how good the family picture will look on Dad’s desk!

Dudeoir Sessions for Valentine's Day or Your Bride to Be and It's Not About Getting Naked!

Forprofesional boudoir photographer for both men and women contact Aris Affairs Photography in PrescottSo the first question I’m sure you’re asking is what is "dudeoir,"- it’s a combination of Dude to represent the male and boudoir to classify it as a “sexy” portrait genre. The next question may be why. At Aris Affairs Photography Studio in Prescott, we know that men make excellent models and a dudeoir shoot allows them to have portraits that show their unique personality, traits and strengths. And ladies, we also know that you like looking at the sexy side of your man!

Boudoir shoots are not about naked or risqué photos, but about showing sensuality through the eye of the camera.  It’s the classy way to say "I love you" to your wife or girlfriend. And you don’t have to be a model, or ripped or young to have a great dudeoir shoot. It’s a fun experience for any man and a chance to share themselves with someone they love. Here are a couple of theme ideas that might give you some ideas for your photo shoot.

  • Contractor/Trades – Do you work everyday with a tool pouch. What about using your tools and maybe a hard hat to show the rugged individual you are.
  • Cowboy – These props are easy – cowboy hat and boots.  Maybe with your foot up on a rail fence.
  • Fireman – A fire hose, a dalmatian or a helmet can set the scene for your shoot
  • Athlete – Depending on your sport, there are many props you can use to help represent the sport you love to play
  • Motorcycle Rider – We can use your motorcycle as part of our set for the photo shoot
  • Lawyer - Law books may be the prop you will want to use

As you can see, there is a wide range of items we can use in your photo shoot to help the pictures tell about you. And by adding your sexy smile and maybe a come hither look, you will have a gift your lady will cherish! You have a personality of your own and showing it through a dudeoir shoot can be fun and a great gift for someone who loves you.

So why not schedule your shoot so you have the photos in time for Valentine’s Day? But remember they’re not just for Valentine’s Day, they’re also a great gift for anniversaries, weddings, engagements because they’re a way for you to give of yourself with something your loved one can cherish into the future. For a professional dudeoir photo shoot in Prescott, call Aris Affairs Photography to schedule an appointment at 928-642-4049.

A Boudoir Photo Shoot is Not Just For The Ladies and Makes A Great Valentine Gift

Aris Affairs Photography i Prescott Specializes in Boudoir PhotographyIn a recent survey, 82% think that “boudoir photography” is a great gift idea for a spouse/significant other for a wedding, anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift. Boudoir photography is not just for women, it’s also a great gift for the guys to give to their special lady. Many of you may be wondering, what is boudoir photography. Aris Affairs Photography, your local photographer in Prescott, would like to tell you a bit more about it and you may find it’s that “just right gift” for that special person.

A boudoir photo shoot is one where the subject poses in a sensual, seductive manner while accentuating their sexuality with lingerie, and classy surroundings. It’s a chance to look provocative in a private, upscale setting. It’s your opportunity to let our professional photographer help you bring out your “sexy side.”

In a boudoir photography shoot, you have complete control over what you wear, the style of your poses, and what kind of photos are taken. Remember, this photo shoot is to make you feel special and sexy, so it is styled around you to fit your comfort level. Our photographer is there to respect that and guide you through the shoot with their professional tips and experience.

Choosing the right attire, hairstyle, makeup, and poses is an important aspect of shooting a boudoir photography session. This includes understanding how to best add accessories that can enhance your photographs and set the tone for the shoot. Whether you’re aiming for cute and playful or sexy and scandalous, selecting the right accessories can help you find the perfect look. Maybe it’s something as simple as your guy’s favorite jersey that hits you “just right.”

The goal of finding a boudoir photographer is ultimately to find one who makes you feel the most comfortable to express your sensual side. Boudoir photography is a beautiful way to show your intimate side with a touch of class and elegance and makes a very unique gift for your loved one.

Why not call today to set up your photo shoot with Aris Affairs Photography at 928-642-4049. We would love to invite you to our Prescott photography studio, where we will discuss your session, and once started we will encourage you to have a little fun with your photo shoot!

Celebrate Valentine's Day!

Make this Valentines Day Special with a photo shoot by Aris Affairs Photography in Prescott.Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate LOVE and those around us that we love. Why not make this Valentine’s Day one to remember and celebrate it with Aris Affairs Photography in Prescott. We’re offering just a few ideas of photo shoots that you might want to make this year the most memorable year ever!

Couple Shoot - Want to do something special for that special someone? Why not schedule a couples shoot and let Aris Affairs Photography capture your love in pictures. Not only are you going to have a lot of fun during the process, the sweet memories of this lovely day will stay with you forever.

Family Affair - Maybe a fun idea for Valentine’s Day is to do a family photo shoot. Aris Affairs Photography not only has props and backgrounds to use for your photo shoot, but they are also experts at working with kids (and even pets!). We know that kids can wiggle and squirm, so we try and make it fun for them.

New Baby - If you have a newborn, maybe you should schedule the baby’s first photo shoot for Valentine’s Day. With fun props and a professional photographer, you will be able to capture moments that will last a lifetime and show your love for the new child in your life.

Your Choice - If you have a special idea for your Valentine’s Day shoot, we are happy to work with you to make your idea reality.

Whether a couple, a family or the new baby, the professional photographer can help you capture special moments in your life. Why not make this Valentine’s Day special by scheduling a photo shoot to help show your love.

Aris Affairs Photography in Prescott is here to help you go beyond snapshots of your life. We strive to create family treasures that can be passed down through generations. Why not call right now to schedule your Valentine’s Day photo shoot? Just contact us today at 928-642-4049.

Capture 2018 with beautiful photographs!